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Accurate Land Surveyors, Inc. is a professional association of highly skilled and qualified specialists, technicians, personnel and administrative workforce. The staff of Accurate Land Surveyors are united for the sole purpose of serving the specific needs of the South Florida community.


The company was founded by Robert L. Thompson, PSM, in 1983. After serving as both the Port Everglades Surveyor and the Broward County Surveyor, Robert Thompson determined to put his vast knowledge of the surveying profession into a private business enterprise, thus founding Accurate Land Surveyors.


Robert L. Thompson has maintained throughout his career high ethical principles and integrity which have served as his foundational philosophy. These principles have greatly contributed to his proven success in serving the residents of South Florida at both the County Government level and in his private practice.


Through very creative leadership and personnel initiatives, Robert Thompson has succeeded in assembling a highly trained and qualified workforce. The Accurate Team has as its core beliefs excellence in customer service, integrity in surveying practices and efficiency in production.


With well over 100,000 surveys performed, Accurate Land Surveyors is equipped with state of the art computer & communication systems and proprietary custom designed software, which is the keystone of all operations. These systems allow the Surveyors, Field Crews, CAD Department, Research Department and Office Personnel to effectively interrelate and properly perform all necessary responsibilities, including full cooperation with Title Company Processors and Examiners, to ensure Client Service which is second to none.


A Survey Manager is assigned to all projects to ensure accuracy, quality, efficiency and that the project deadline is met. Our experienced Field Crews are radio dispatched and equipped with the latest field instruments, including data collectors and electronic total stations.


Robert Thompson is most skillful in assisting Attorneys, Title Companies, Mortgage Companies, Lenders and Property Owners in reviewing the legal documents associated with real estate transactions, such as, Title Commitments, Legal Descriptions, Surveyor Affidavits & Certificates. His relationships with Architects, Engineers and Construction companies are likewise accomplished.


With an unyielding commitment to maintain Accurate Land Surveyors as a most progressive surveying firm, Robert Thompson has dedicated this company to excellence in customer service and integrity in the field.