About Us: About Our President and Founder


SpecialistsRobert L. Thompson began his surveying career in the summer of 1971 with the Broward County Engineering Department (BCED). He learned firsthand, as a rodman on a survey crew, the fundamentals of accurately measuring land.


Mr. Thompson promptly advanced from rodman to instrument-man, where he was trained in the use of highly technically sophisticated instrumentation used in all aspects of surveying and mapping. Upon mastering this position, Mr. Thompson was promoted to Survey Crew Chief in 1973, working directly under the training of a professional surveyor and mapper. He was in charge of a four man survey party crew responsible for gathering field measurements and generating higher complex mathematical calculations for the purposes of designing and building intricate public works projects for roads, bridges, buildings, storm water drainage canals, parks and airports.


While working as a survey crew chief and continuing his BCED on the job training program, Mr. Thompson attended Palm Beach College School of Land Surveying. Having completed his education he then qualified for the Florida Professional Land Surveyor’s licensing exam. Upon passing the PLS licensing exam, Mr. Thompson was promoted to the position of the Port Everglades Land and Hydrographic Surveyor. His responsibilities included leading the Port Harbor Expansion and Maintenance. It was there that he mastered the skills of water and underwater (hydrographic) surveying. After serving as the Port Everglades Surveyor for five years, Mr. Thompson then advanced to the position of Broward County’s R/W’s & Property Surveyor. As the individual in charge of a fifty member staff, he reviewed and approved all platting and mapping performed in Broward County.


In 1983 Mr. Thompson felt determined to further help the community by applying his vast knowledge of the surveying profession to a private business enterprise, thus founding Accurate Land Surveyors. Following very small beginnings for him and his wife, Accurate Land Surveyors has grown to include forty employees with eleven survey field crews. Serving South Florida now for over twenty one years, Mr. Thompson’s philosophy remains simple – “Perform surveys the right way the first time all the time.” He provides his clients with very accurate, easy to read surveys in a timely manner and at a competitive fee. This is all done with very courteous and polite service.


Mr. Thompson is married and has two daughters. He has lived in South Florida since 1958 and is very familiar with the area’s real estate. His hope is that having reviewed this web site you would be inclined to give us an opportunity to service your particular needs. We will meet all your surveying needs accurately and in a timely manner.